Reagan is an outstanding athlete and her passion is fast pitch softball.  She started playing when she was eight years old and seemed to be born the play the game.  She quickly developed her skills and played on many elite teams as she grew up.  If you asked any of her coaches they would tell you that Reagan is extremely competitive on and off the field.  When she doesn't excel she doesn't get down.  She comes back and doubles her efforts and brings people and players along with her infectious personality and will to win.  She is the type of player that's always early to the field and the last to leave.

When Reagan reached high school age, she chose Olympus High in Holladay, Utah to continue to hone her fastpitch skills.  The Olympus High mascot is the Titan, and Reagan fit right in.  As a freshman Reagan made the varsity team and played every varsity game earning her letter.  She won the "Captains Award" for the hardest working player.  Shortly after the conclusion of her freshman year she underwent  brain surgery at Huntsman Cancer Hospital.  It took months for her to heal.  But six months after her cancer diagnosis and major surgery she was back on the field and picked up right were she left off.  The team came together and decided that they were going to back Reagan all the way in her continuing cancer fight and that she wasn't just tough, she was TITAN TOUGH! Reagan wears the number #21 on the back of her jersey. 

So there you go.  Eighteen players and three coaches came together to share their passion and love with one special softball player and a foundation was born.  Olympus High now has an annual fastpitch award for the hardest working player on the team.  And of course, it's named the TITAN TOUGH AWARD. Reagan has one wish,  that the great research doctors will find a cure and enable all cancer patients to pay for and get the treatment they need to continue the fight.  In her view, her extended cancer families around the world are truly TITAN TOUGH!

the origin of Titan Tough 21 foundation

Reagan was born on January 10, 1997 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was born with the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome or P53 suppressor gene mutation.  Only 1000 families worldwide are known to have this DNA gene mutation.  With this syndrome, Reagan has a 98% chance of developing malignant tumors in young adulthood.  The p53 gene is responsible for telling cancer cells to perform "Apoptosis" or cell suicide when they are treated with chemotherapy or radiation.  Li-Fraumeni patients don't have the complete DNA needed to activate cell death or repair, so current cancer treatments are not very effective.

When Reagan was thirteen years old, she had three inches of her left femur bone removed because of a rapidly growing tumor.  The surgery was successful, and she now has a twelve inch titanium rod in her leg.  On July 15, 2013, doctors found another tumor on the right side of her brain.  She quickly went into surgery at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital.  Unfortunately, the tumor was cancerous and doctors removed as much as possible.  It was a diffuse grade and had spread out into her brain.  A second tumor in the same hemisphere was inoperable.  She has recovered from her surgery and is pressing forward through life.