Our vision is a world free from cancer.  That may sound crazy to some.  However, thousands of people were once afflicted with Polio and suffered so much.  One day the suffering stopped because a cure was found.  We believe that a cure for cancer starts with understanding and repairing the mutated p53 gene located in many cancer cells.  Li-Fraumeni Syndrome research is our brightest hope to finding a cancer cure.  

We envision every cancer patient getting every test, treatment, scan, and medicine needed to best give them a fighting chance to conquer this deadly disease.  This of course takes money.  We are relentlessly working toward helping these patients and their families financially.  We want every cancer patient living to see our vision come to pass.  Only together can we save the millions of people suffering and losing their battle with cancer because due to the high medical costs.   

our vision

The mission of the Titan Tough 21 Foundation is twofold.  First, providing financial assistance to families of children with cancer who may be unable to afford preventive and lifesaving treatment screenings because of prohibitive costs.  We are committed to relieving families of the incredible financial burden that can come with cancer treatments.  Our efforts will enable families to concentrate on working with their doctors, hospitals, and treatment centers without fear of being unable to do everything they can to help their child and family win their battle with cancer.  

Second, enabling cutting edge genetic cancer research scientist to work unimpeded because of financial restrictions towards a worldwide cure for the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (p53 gene mutation). With over 50% of all malignant cancer cells having a mutated p53 gene, this genetic research work is vital to saving lives.  In addition, the development and perfection of DNA based cancer testing will lead to a dramatic decrease in late term cancer diagnosis.  We also believe that once we have a full understanding and cure for the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome, we will be on the verge of eradication of cancer worldwide.           

our Mission