I'm the first of many "Soldiers of Freedom" in the TitanTough21 cause.  To truly understand TitanTough21, you need to realize that freedom is the most prized possession we have in this life.  When someone in our family or someone we know gets a diagnosis of cancer, their freedom is gone forever.  You see, cancer never really goes away.  It hangs over our heads like a sword waiting to fall.  I have a vision of hundreds of TitanTough21 foundation locations across the world.  There is so much work to be done.  I'm looking for true soldiers to join this noble and just cause.  TitanTough21 will restore freedom to cancer patients. 

If you're willing to become a member of       please send and email to James@titantough21.org and I will personally contact you and we'll fight together.

Looking forward to freedom,